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What About Next Week?

I thiink it's fair to say that a big reason why the Terps downed heavily favored Cal is because they'd just lost to a highly inferior Middle Tennessee team. They were pissed off and decided to change things, and they took care of business.

But next week, they face off against Eastern Michigan. That's followed by a huge game against Clemson. You know what that means - trap game. Combined with the fact that the team needs constant motivation, and any Terp fan should be scared out of their minds right now.

The team cannot have a poor week of practice. They cannot take EMU for granted. I don't think anyone would be overly surprised if they did, though. And that's the difference between this team and a team like Auburn, or Georgia, or even UNC this year - consistency. Chris Turner is a more than competent QB, DHB is probably the most talented WR in the nation, the running game is efficient and powerful, and the defense is good enough. But they refuse to show up game in and game out.

It's a disturbing trend. So, the question is raised, what's going to motivate them against Eastern Michigan? Here's my guess: past experience. I suppose it was good to get the MTSU loss out of the way early. It hopefully taught the guys a lesson: no one can be taken for granted. And because they now know this, I can't see them overlooking Eastern Michigan, a team that's been blown out twice against Michigan State and Toledo.

This Maryland team really could challenge in the ACC. It's weak this year. Clemson isn't unbeatable. Viriginia Tech is average. UNC is overrated and inexperienced. Boston College is having a down year. Georgia Tech just lost to VT. But they will never challenge in anything unless they actually start showing up. I know this seems like a very negative post after an upset win over a top 25 team, but the team can't get too happy or content.. I hope they realize this as well.

BTW - Grades are coming sometime today.