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Halftime Impressions

So, we're halfway through, and I like what I see. I don't think anyone expected MD to be up 21-6 right now. Honestly, the best I was hoping for was that we were in the game. So far, the offense and defense have both played well, even dominating at times. The so-called "unstoppable" Jahvid Best has been controlled fully, including that incredible hit by Kevin Barnes. Chris Turner has been on-spot, and Da'Rel Scott has gotten enough carries.

With all that said, the main reason we're winning right now is due to a lot of lucky breaks. Almost everything that could go our way has. We've gotten nearly every single break so far, and Cal has been pretty unlucky. I'm not complaining, but the team can not get complacent; anything less than 100% and Cal will come storming back.

I expect Cal to do one of two things - come out deflated after a missed chip shot field goal (unlikely) or get pissed off at halftime and come storming back. The best way for UMD to counter  this? Score on the first possession. Drive down the field and get a touchdown. Then, ride Da'Rel Scott to victory.