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Kenny Tate - Your Next Starting Safety?

Wow. Kenny Tate, that high 4 star to low 5 star wide receiver everyone was so Kenny Tate
happy to get? Well, he's not playing WR anymore. No, Fridge and Co. have decided to place him at safety.

This may not be a terrible thing. He is, after all, incredibly talented, no matter the position. He likely would've been a low 4 star safety, so it's not a huge drop off. Plus, UMD has an incredible abundance of WRs, particularly young ones. Ronnie Tyler, Kenny Boykins, Kevin Dorsey, Tony Logan, Torrey Smith, Emani Lee-Odai, LaQuan Williams - I really think all of these guys will be starting quality at some point in their career. Putting Tate there muddles it slightly, but not enough to move him over to safety.

Another explanation might be the weakness at safety. Jeff Allen is a big question mark at strong safety. Free safety, though in better shape, isn't a sure thing either. But it's not like Tate is a certain, rock solid star. So that's not the answer either.

That leaves one thing left. Fridge, or someone else who recruited him, promised Tate some early playing time. They wanted to come through on that promise, and it simply wasn't going to happen at WR. His defensive position was SS, which was the Terps weakest position on defense, so it made a lot of sense to make the move.

Really, I don't have a problem with it. If he really wanted early playing time, than the coaching staff made the right move. If need be, he can move back to WR later. Hey, at least it'll add some excitement. What do you think about it? Sign up, and write a FanPost, the button for which should be over on the left sidebar.