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Aug. 30, 2008, Week 1, Maryland vs Delaware

This will serve as the official game thread for Maryland vs. Delaware. If there are any big developments during the game, they go here. That's not to say we're live-blogging or anything, but we may post something. Normally, this would have the starting lineups, but that's not really an option yet - we don't fully know who's going to start.

We've waited a very long time for this. Eight, nine months have passed since playing Oregon State, and I ready for some football. And great news for everyone without ESPNU - the game will be simulcast on ESPN. LSU moved up their kickoff to 10 am, so we get the time slot on the prime network. Moving up in the world...

Halftime Impressions: I'm not exactly confident about the rest of the year if this is the way we're going to play. Steffy's had some decent plays, but also had a few bad plays. I'd still be more comfortable with Turner in there. The running game has been hit and miss. The defense appears to be a "bend, don't break" type, which is a little scary. Really, if it wasn't for Heyward-Bey, this game would be tied right now.