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College Football Officially Starts Today/ESPNU HD

This may be a Maryland blog, but anyone and everyone should be able to appreciate college football. Today, it finally starts. We finally are treated to the great feeling of young men running full speed into each other, freshly cut grass, and all day tailgating. We've got an NCST/South Carolina game, an Oregon State/Stanford game, and two ACC schools (Georgia Tech and Wake Forest) are also in action. Be prepared to be glued to your TV.

Of course, for all of you with Verizon FiOS, there's a new addition to your TV lineup that makes this deal even sweeter - ESPNUHD. Now, I know it's a long name, but the greatness of it isn't diminished because of it. ESPNU is probably 95% of what's right with ESPN. Throw in HD and it's just plain incredible. This of course brings up the possibility of seeing UMD in glorius high definition against Delaware, as the game is scheduled to be shown on ESPNUHD, but that doesn't always mean it'll be in HD. All we can do is hope, right?

As for you without FiOS, it's supposedly on its way to DirecTV in a few weeks. No word on Comcast.