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QB Decision Coming Tomorrow

Ehhhh....let's all hope for some good news (ie, Turner).

Still, Terrapins coach Ralph Friedgen is determined to make a call - likely by Monday - to get ready for the Aug. 30 opener against Delaware.

"Even if it's wrong, we have to do something," Friedgen said. "I think we have to start getting ready. I'm really thinking we have three quarterbacks who can play, and it wouldn't surprise me if all three of them play during the season. That wouldn't shock me in the least. What we have to do is get one we can win with and hopefully we can with all three of them."

Here's the link. Does this scare the crap out of anyone else? It seems to me like Fridge is setting up Steffy to be named after a halfway decent scrimmage. For what it's worth, Turner was 8-16 for 124 yards with one pick, while Steffy was 9-13 for 63 yards with an INT returned for a touchdown. That fits into a cookie cutter, don't it? Turner with more incompletions, but is more successful, while Steffy is more cautious. He gets more completions, but fewer yards and is less successful.

The best we can hope for is Turner starting, with the decision coming tomorrow. Anything else will be a failure. Turner has his faults, but they are less numerous and kess important than Steffy's. Steffy refuses taking chances, but falis anyway. Steffy at the helm could ruin the talent on this offense. I'd rather put in Portis than Steffy. At least Portis has some major potential. We know what Steffy will bring, and it's not much.