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Rumor: Jin Soo Kim Official?

Word on the street, can't find any confirmation yet.

Jin Soo Kim
Certainly good news. Maryland basketball needs players, no matter how good or bad. Luckily, Kim appears to be pretty good. He's tall, very skinny, and has a killer outside shot. There's a story going around that he hit 18 threes in one game.

He adds an outside shot, but if he wants to be a consistent, good starter, he'll have to bulk up. See the picture for evidence of this.

Most scouts that saw a decent amount of tape really liked him. Unfortunately, he never played AAU, so very few scouts saw him. He's a three-star prospect. He's actually supposed to be a rising senior, but because UMD has so many open scholarships, he ended coming a year early after graduating early.

I doubt he'll see much playing time early, simply due to his size and age, but next year, he should be a starter. If he can bulk up, there's no ends to how good he can be. He's quick, strong for his size, can play D, and is physical. Not to mention the three-point shot. Here's hoping.


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