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More Frosh Playing Time - Bad QB News

No, it's not just Kenny Tate, apparently. New news - Davin Meggett, a homegrown 2-star RB, is quickly moving up the chart. Currently, Da'Rel Scott is atop the RB depth chart, and Morgan Green was supposedly at #2. But Green's been hurt as of late, and, unable to take snaps, Meggett has filled in. I guess he did really, really well, because he's now the #2 back, officially. Who knows if this is permanent or just until Green can finally get healthy, but it certainly raises some eyebrows.

Honestly, I thought Meggett - yes, Dave Meggett's son - would redshirt. But if Green can't stay healthy, I'm fine with this. With Pha'Terrell Washington academically ineligible, that means that if Green ended up injured, the Terps would have Dan Bonato as the #2. Nothing against Dan, but he's not that good. The Terps were the only major school to offer Meggett, and it sounds like they got a steal.

But there's some bad news, as well. According to the above blog post, Chris Turner and Jordan Steffy are now even at the QB spot. Oh god. I have trouble taking this seriously - I mean, does Fridge/Franklin (Frinklin?) really think that the team is better off with Jordan Steffy? I mean, I know about the rumors of Turner's bad practicing, but did either of them watch the games last year? Part of me really thinks it's just for show, that Turner is easily ahead of Steffy, but Fridge would be the coach to do this. So, I'm a little afraid right now. Should I be? Do you think the Terps are better off Steffy, or even Portis? Comment, or write a FanPost, if you've really got something to say.