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Mosley = Terp

Finally, some good news on the Terps Men's Basketball front. Guard Sean Mosley has passed through the NCAA clearinghouse and is now officially a member of the University's basketball team.

I first heard the story from Patrick Stevens on Tuesday in his blog. Stevens also noted in a seperete story that Mosely apparently will dawn #14 on his uniform, the first time someone has worn that number since the early 1990's. Folks should also note that 14 is the number head coach Gary Williams wore while playing for Maryland. Lets just hope Sean has an immediate impact on the Terps team next year, which he should since he'll be able to rotate between SG and PG, pushing Vasquez over to the 3 and likely keeping Eric Hayes primarily as a SG.

This is great news for the Terps (it's a sad day in Terptown when a player qualifying academically is "great" news, but with the luck the men's team has been having lately, I had this underlying fear that something would happen with Mosley to prevent him from playing this upcoming season).

Maryland still has a problem in the front court, but hopefully that will be solved by Kim reclassifying for 2008 rather than 2009, by Maryland signing another player, or by Dupree and others stepping up their game.


I think Maryland's starting 5 will look something like this:

Mosely - PG/SG

Vasquez - SF

Milbourne - PF

Hayes - SG/PG

Dupree - C

What MD's front court does will largely impact the direction this team takes this coming season. Strong play from Dupree and Milbourne, with the possibility of Kim also playing if he reclassifies for 2008, would give this team a totally different direction and ability to challenge good teams in the ACC. If the front court doesn't step it up, the Terps are in trouble.

My biggest concern for Maryland next year is rebounding. This was a weakness last year and we lost two of our best rebounders in Boom and Gist.  Hopefully Braxton has learned what "box out" means...