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Old Spice Classic Matchups (No GTown)

Many Terp fans (me included) were looking forward to possibly facing and likely beating (okay...maybe not likely) Georgetown in the Old Spice Classic this November. And it's not like we're the ones avoiding the matchup. After all, the BB&T Classic is on their home floor, and they get an invitation. And it's not the world's biggest secret that they turn it down simply because UMD plays in it, too.

But, all that aside, it appears highly unlikely that we'll end up playing Georgetown in the Old Spice Classic. Here's the schedule, and here's a bracket:



So, if we get past Michigan State, we'll likely end up against Gonzaga. This seems like deja vu, huh? And if we get past Gonzaga (I don't think we'll get to the finals, but stranger things have happened), Georgetown would have to dispatch Tennessee. So, it appears unlikely that we'll get another chance to beat them. But, it could happen. And as long as it remains a possibility, I'll be dreaming of it.