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Maryland Terrapins - Top Athletic Facilities in the Nation


No, you read right. The Terps are actually the #1 athletic facility school in the nation. I have trouble believing it, too. But the good ol' Princeton Review has interviewed "12,000 students at 368 top schools to rate their schools." And the Terps came out on top at the athletic facility category.

Whether this is correct is debatable. The biggest factor is that the Princeton Review didn't factor in the figurative importance of sports. Football and men's basketball tends to be the biggest money makers, and so those facilities should be considered more important. Next comes women's basketball, and then it's a crapshoot.

Consider schools like Texas, UCLA, USC, Tennessee, etc. They all have really nice facilities in both football and basketball. Maryland beat all those schools. Should they have? Apparently, they pay no attention to soccer, field hockey, and cross-country. Maybe my surprise is simply an indication of how biased people are when it comes to sports hierarchy.