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DJ Adams Recruitment In-Depth, Fridge at ACC Media Days

Matt Bracken, the recruiting blogger for the Sun, has a new story on DJ Adams, the newest Terp. One of the things emphasized was how many offers he had. Clearly, this was a recruiting triumph for Fridge and his staff, and it was much needed in a time when the Terps have few triumphs.

According to Adams' coach, the staff "did a great job recruiting him. He felt at home. [OL coach Tom] Brattan recruited him really good and stayed on top of him. He just did a really good job." ESPN's Billy Tucker also said, "the Terps may have showed ... [him] the most attention and presumably sold him on the idea of being a featured runner early in his career at College Park." I certainly hope Gary is listening: imagine a player responded well to attention and promises of playing time!

On a different subject, here's a video of an interview with Fridge at the ACC Media Days: