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Maryland Has the Nation's 15th Toughest Schedule

Phil Steele, that revered college football previewer, has come out with his schedule rankings, and they say the UMD will have it tough this year. The Terps will play 8 teams with winning records, with a winning percentage of 59%, hard enough to put them in the fifteenth spot. This is the hardest in the ACC. The next ACC team is UVA. Here's an incomplete listing of rankings. Included are all ACC teams and a few others of note.

15 Maryland
19 Virginia
24 Georgia Tech
27T Penn State
27T Illinois
27T Duke
31T North Carolina
39 Miami
41T West Virginia
41T Clemson
53 Florida State
60 NC State
63 Rutgers
69 Virginia Tech
70T Boston College
86 Wake Forest

Yes, Wake Forest has an easier schedule than North Texas and Central Michigan. No, I can't believe it either. This may explain why so many people are calling for a 6-6 year, though.