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ACC Media Day - Smalls and Whitmore Transfer

The ACC Media Days kicked off today, but no, that's not why I've not posted yet. No, I am not in Greensboro. I know, this is unacceptable, but I have previous arragements - and no press pass.

Anyway, the best source for updates has been Patrick Stevens over at the Washington Times, with his blog D1SCOURSE. Here's a quick paraphrase of the top stories so far today.

  • Stephen Smalls and Brian Whitmore Transfer

    It's never a good thing to see players transfer. Unfortunately, both of these transfers make perfect sense, as sad as that is to say. Both play at a position where there are a lot of players. Neither looked like they were going to get a lot of playing time. Simply, it was probably best for both parties, considering the scholarship position UMD's in right now.

  • Navarre Putting on Weight

    He's up tp 288. This is pretty good, for a DL in a fullback's body. Navarre has been undersized since he's arrived in CP, and it'll be even more pronounced now that he might move inside. This isn't a great weight, but much better than it used to be.

  • Hakeem Nicks Thinks He's Better Than DHB

    North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks came about as close as he could to saying he's the best receiver in the ACC. Thing is, with apologies to Clemson's Aaron Kelly and Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey, he might well be right.

I am indignant at the very thought of it!