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BSun - "Terrapins Rising" Rising

The Sun, that evil, anti-UMD paper, has written a surprisingly good piece on the story of Fridgetv-07-vid-terps_rising_mediumTerrapins Rising, a reality show on UMD spring football shown every Tuesday at 9:30, with reruns of the last episode at 9:00.

Terrapins Rising is currently my favorite show on TV, and if you don't watch it, you should. Here's a link to FridgeTV, a website that has most Terrapins Rising episodes from this year, and all from last year.

There's one thing I hadn't truly considered about Terrapins Rising: the impact it has on the current team. I know some of the episodes could be considered a recruiting tool, some could turn kids off. But how does having cameras all around them all the time affect how they practice, how they interact with coaches? Surely, it rattles some players.

The argument, alternatively, could be made that it helps - they're going to have to perform in front of thousands of people and cameras eventually. This could help in big games.

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