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Terps Give Back

Here's a good story: the UMD football team invited 30 MoCo students, aged from 4 to 8, to come to Gossett Field House for a quick football camp. They also brought over 30 "counselors". I don't think it was very hard to find some people to chaperone for this trip.

Edwin Williams, Tyler Bowen, Hey-Bey, Deege and Tommy Galt, Dean Muhtadi, Da'Rel Scott, and Torrey Smith were all mentioned in the article. Here's a quick excerpt:

The highlight of the campers' experience occurred after lunch, when the players demonstrated their expertise on the practice field and led the campers in various football drills. While Williams snapped the ball to 4-foot quarterbacks, Scott had campers swerve through cones and Smith threw passes to eager targets. The session culminated with Deege Galt overseeing a defensive drill for which campers attacked a tackling dummy, which proved to be a favorite activity among the youth.

For Camp Good Counsel, which also brought upwards of 30 counselors on the trip, the experience was a first of its kind. Kendra Greene, the football team's academic program coordinator, organized the day's activities for the developmental summer camp, which strives to aid its campers' academic and personal growth.

The camp was particularly rewarding for the Galt brothers, who graduated from Good Counsel High School in Silver Spring - the same school some of the camp's counselors currently attend. Both Deege and Tommy Galt have been around the Terrapins football program their entire lives thanks to their father, Dwight Galt, who is now in his 20th season as Maryland's director of strength and conditioning.

"I know what it's like to be a kid and look up to players and be a fan of Maryland, so I know how special this is for these kids," Tommy Galt said. "They come in here and see all the guys and the facilities, and they become big fans of the program just like I did when I was a young kid."

Please check out the rest of the article.