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Bye-Bye, Dante Taylor

Dante Dante TaylorTaylor never should've been expected. He's a five-star local prospect (relatively speaking) - why would he come here? But now, it's been confirmed. Taylor, a rising senior, and five-star forward, has committed to Pitt. Well, at least it wasn't Georgetown, or an ACC school. That's some kind of silver lining.

Taylor, unfortunately, could've seriously raised this team up. He's a one-and-done type player who doesn't carry any baggage. And the ins he would have at National Christian Academy would help recruiting for the next few years. And because he would do all these things, I doubt he ever would come to Maryland. This is a continuation of a very disturbing trend - elite players simply do not come to Maryland anymore, unless they're of a completely mold. The reason isn't known - maybe it's Gary, or maybe Debbie Yow. Regardless, this is a disappointment, but still one that should've been expected.

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