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Welcome to Testudo Times

If you're here, at the grand opening of the new Maryland Terrapins SBNation blog, odds are you're a Maryland fan. So you know just how painful it can be to be one.

You know what it’s like to be in the Final Four, up by ten with less than a minute left and lose. You know what it’s like to be winning 24-3 with a minute to go in the third and the ball at the three and lose. You know how it feels to continuously lose home-town recruits to hated rivals. You know the feeling of perhaps the greatest player to ever play in the ACC (in our opinion, at least) die far too young. You know the pain of Joel Statham. You are aware of losing to American and Ohio, back to back. You’ve experienced the sensation of dealing with great coaches perhaps lessening, and average ADs ruining the program. Not to mention losing Terrance Jennings, Bobby Maze, Ken Bowman, Gus Gilchrest, and Tyree Evans all in one recruiting class.

I know, not a good start. Don’t worry; because you also know the feeling of seeing a skinny orphan from Baltimore rise to lead a team to their first national championship. You know the absolute wonderment of going from 5-6 to 10-2, completely unexpectedly. You felt the unchecked joy of watching Len Bias play. You know the experience of watching a program rise from the ashes. You know the elation of watching the same team that lost to American and Ohio beat the number one ranked team on their home floor. So yeah, there’s two sides to this coin.

It can be painful, or it can be joyous. This blog is dedicated to following, analyzing, and reveling in the happiness or agony of Terps sports. I've been a Terps fan since birth, so I know how you guys feel. Please, check back often.

This isn't just me, though. This, like any other SBNation blog, is community-based and community-driven. Sign up, and make a FanPost. Or a FanShot. Comment. Critique me. Let me know how others feel. Participate.

Now that all that's out of the way, the real blogging can begin. Expect at least one or two updates a day, and enjoy.