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Seamonson Named Interim Defensive Coordinator

One problem out of the way. (h/t Terrapins Insider)

Maryland has said that Al Seamonson will be the interim defensive coordinator and will handle the duties in the bowl game unless Coach Ralph Friedgen hires a permanent replacement for Chris Cosh rather soon. Seamonson is also a candidate to claim the job permanently.

I think he's the right choice for it right now, at least over Lempa and Sollazzo. However, I have some trouble seeing this as an "extended audition" for him. But maybe that's just me.

Personally, I disagree on hiring someone with a previous game - not a series of games, or a season; just one game - in mind. West Virginia took Bill Stewart for that reason, when they could've attracted a top, up-and-coming coach and great recruiter to fill the void. If he was the right guy for the job, then fine. But I can't imagine he was.

The same logic applies here with Seamo. I like the guy, and think he's a great assistant, but I'd like the team to shop around a little bit more before hiring Seamo, as I expect them to do. But I also expect the administration to forget this game, unless it's a mind-blowingly great (or terrible) game from a defensive standpoint. As strange as that sounds, he needs to be evaulated without this game factoring in, because it will only skew things. Coaches get plenty of fluke games - just look at Cosh.

A look at Nevada is coming soon.