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Who Fills in in the Interim?

Details are slowly starting to trickle out about Chris Cosh's departure from Maryland, and one them is that he's gone now. He's not going to wait for the bowl game, so there's going to have to be an interim DC.

The options are likely Dave Sollazzo, the DL coach, Al Seamonson, the LB coach, or Kevin Lempa, the current DB coach. It likely won't be Sollazzo, as he's also the recruiting coordinator, meaning he's got more on his plate. Buit Seamson and Lempa are both still available.

If I had to venture a guess, I'd bet it's Seamonson. Lempa has been good in BC and in his time here, but not spectacular. Seamonson has coached EJ Henderson, D'Qwell Jackson, Erin Henderson, etc. He was considered for the DC spot a few years back when the Cosh hiring was made, so it seems like a pretty obvious decision to me.

There's a chance it'll end up being an audition, but I doubt it. To me, making a decision based on one game is asinine, especially because he'll have almost no impact on the team besides playcalling - it doesn't take training and practice into account.