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Maryland Officially Headed to Humanitarian Bowl

So with Ball State out of the way, Maryland heads 2,400 miles west to play in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho, on Dec. 30. The likely opponent is Nevada.

Rick Chryst, commissioner of the MAC, told me this afternoon that Ball State-Boise State would not happen after both the MAC and Ball State "exhausted all possibilities" to see if the game could be played. Officials at the Humanitarian Bowl then met for about two hours.

Wow. Okay, so it appears that it's certain. By now, you know my feelings on it - not exactly the greatest proponent of it.

But it's happened, so I won't complain anymore. Let's get as many people out to Boise as possible and support the team. The game against Nevada will certainly be a big one - a win, and the season is an 8-5 year. A loss, and the season will likely be considered a failure.

What do you think? Are any of you making the trip?