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Maryland Contacted Navy DC About Job

Maryland's been looking for a replacement for Chris Cosh recently, and one option they were looking at was Navy defensive coordinator, Buddy Green. He turned them down.

   Green also confirmed that he was contacted by Maryland with regard to its vacant defensive coordinator position. Head coach Ralph Friedgen called Green following the Army-Navy game to see whether he would be interested in replacing Chris Cosh, who left Maryland to become assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Kansas State.

    "I have the utmost respect for Ralph and I appreciate his interest, but I decided to turn down that opportunity because I have a great situation here at the Naval Academy," Green said.


Anyway, Navy's defense last year was about on Maryland's level. Navy was 53rd in the nation in total defense; Maryland was 59. Maryland was slightly better against the pass, Navy was better against the run.

Here's what this tells me about how Maryland will go about this search: they're going to interview. Perhaps you remember my plea that they do that; I'm happy at this indication. (Again, no knock on Seamo, I just think the search should be pretty extensive.) Calling up coaches just to gauge interest indicates, at least to me, that the process - barring a completely unexpected shut down of Nevada in the bowl game - will be carried out properly. That sounds a little strange, but consider the last time Maryland went through this - not exactly the best result. Early signs indicate they've learned their lesson, and maybe they'll get a better coach this time around.