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Congressional Bowl, Meineke Car Care Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl

Some more on the bowl situation, as pointless as it becoming.

It appears that, despite efforts to get around exams to attend to the Congressional Bowl, just too many players have exams that day. It's not going to work at all. Also, North Carolina took the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, so unless the Music City Bowl decides to pick Maryland up, the Terps' bowl fate will be decided by Ball State, and the WAC, to an extent.

If the WAC decides they'd rather have Boise St. in San Diego playing TCU, then Maryland probably will end up in Boise, playing a team like Nevada or Louisiana Tech. If they decide they're going to try to get a matchup with Ball State, then it'll be up to Ball State to figure out if they'll go to Boise.

If that happens, Maryland will end up in an at-large bowl: either the Texas Bowl, Bowl, Independence Bowl, and Motor City Bowl. This has all been gone over before, but there was the slight update on North Carolina and Congressional Bowl.