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Boise Bowl Not Looking Very Likely

From the very excellent Terrapins Insider:

I just got off the phone with Kevin McDonald, the executive director of the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Idaho.

After Maryland lost its regular season finale, the Terrapins had a great chance to land in the Humanitarian Bowl, which has the eighth selection out of the ACC. But now that berth is in serious doubt and the team that will determine Maryland’s bowl fate is, of all schools, Ball State.

McDonald said the Humanitarian Bowl wants to match undefeated Boise State against undefeated Ball State. He has had discussions with the ACC and does not expect the ACC to stand in the way of this move. He is awaiting an answer in the next couple days from Ball State, which has expressed some hesitation about playing Boise State on Boise’s home field.

If Ball State says thanks, but no thanks, then Maryland would likely head to Boise to play either Boise State or another Western Athletic Conference team. If Ball State agrees to play Boise State, then Maryland has to make some decisions.

The first would be whether to play in the Eagle Bank Bowl against Navy on Dec. 20. School officials have said that they cannot play in the game because of final exams, but a college football official said that Maryland perhaps could make some adjustments to play in that game. That remains to be seen.

I still have trouble believing that Ball State would turn this down, especially if Boise St. promises to make a regular season trip to Muncie, as has been discussed.

I feel kind of bad, but I really am hoping Ball State decides to go to Boise. The Humanitarian Bowl isn't a big payout, the Terps would likely lose, and very few Terp fans would attend.

Remember, Maryland still has to sign off on it. I think they will, and I'm hoping the Texas Bowl would take them in.