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Weekly Top 5

Okay, so it came a day late. Cut me some slack.

1. MD Commit Isaiah Ross Interviews Other MD Commits >> Terp Center

It's actually a video, not an article. The Crab Bowl has been something I've been following closely, due to them flooding my inbox with press releases.

2. Crab Bowl Media Gallery >> Terp Center

They're actually pictures. This entire Top 5 is pretty screwed up - a day late, one's a video, one's some pictures, two from one place...I'm sorry. They'll be better in the future.

3. Is Prince George's County the Nation's Hoops Hotbed? >> ESPN

What's the hoops hotbed of the US right now? Chicago? No. LA? Nope. NYC? Sorry. Welcome to Prince George's County, MD.

They're still around 2500 best in the nation in everything else, unfortunately.

4. Gary Williams on the Evils of Exams >> Terrapins Insider

"It's tough from a couple areas," Williams said last week. "The obvious thing is you'd like your team to focus on basketball all the way through final exams, but that's impossible. It's hard to get all your players here at the same time because of the exam schedule. And then the other thing is you worry about conditioning. We're in pretty good shape, and a lot of times there's different hours, players stay up late, whatever. And it kind of bothers you."

I agree Gary. We should just outlaw this things right now. I'm serious.

5. Season Recap: Caleb Porzel >> Recruiting Report

It took Good Counsel head coach Bob Milloy a matter of seconds to name the highlight of Maryland running back commitment Caleb Porzel's senior season.

“Well he scored three touchdowns in the first quarter of the DeMatha game on ESPN national TV,” Milloy said.

Maybe we didn't need to get Tavon Austin...