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Tuesday Morning Links

As I said it would be earlier, this week has been incredibly boring from a Terp standpoint. Very little interesting going on at present moment. There are a few links worthy to read, though.

  • Maryland received ten votes in the AP Poll this week, a jump from their six votes last week. (Movin' on up...) Strangely enough, all ten votes, and the six last week, came from the same guy. Maybe Maryland's not getting as much respect as we thought...Patrick Stevens has the story over at D1scourse.
  • Not Maryland-related, but still cool: Syracuse lost on an improbable 3/4 court buzzer-beater last night, against Cleveland State.
  • We've officially switched from football to basketball season, so when you click on those links up there (Roster, Schedule, Stats, etc.) you'll get the basketball ones now, not football.
  • Don't forget to vote in the Terperlatives. We've gotten a couple of votes via email, which is surprising, but we need more. Make your voice heard.
  • Not a link, but I'm wondering if anyone has plans for the holidays. I've already mentioned I got my tree, and just decorated it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it'll snow this Christmas, which makes it like 3,414 in a row. I'm not really going anywhere, just a quiet Christmas at home. Anyone else have any plans?