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Season Ending Terperlatives - Vote


That's right, I just invented a word. And it looks really weird.

Anyway, with this giant morass of nothing coming up, I figured it's something. Even though the football season isn't "officially" over yet, it's pretty close. It's close enough, at least for me, to decide who was the "Most Likely to Succeed in Future" and "Couple Most Likely to Last" of the year. But I don't want it to be just me making these decisions, because that's no fun. So I'm looking for some help.

I'll give the categories, and some suggestions, and you can vote one of three ways: 1) Make a Fanpost with your votes 2) Comment on this story with your votes or 3) Email us at TestudoTimes @ gmail . com (boo spambots) with your votes. After a week or so, I'll tally up the votes and post your Terperlatives, and my opinions. So what are you waiting for? Get voting.


Offensive MVP: Some possibilities - Chris Turner, Da'Rel Scott, Darrius Heyward-Bey

Defensive MVP: Some possibilities - Moises Fokou, Dave Philistin, Terrell Skinner, Jeremey Navarre

Special Teams MVP: Some possibilities - Travis Baltz, Torrey Smith, Danny Oquendo

Overall MVP: Some possibilities - See above.

Best Freshman: Some possibilities - Davin Meggett, Torrey Smith, Dion Armstrong, Kenny Tate

Best Coach: Some possibilities - Al Seamonson (LBs/Ass. ST), Lee Hull (WR), John Donovan (RBs)

Senior Who'll Be Most Missed: Some possibilities - Jeremey Navarre, Danny Oquendo, Edwin Williams

Biggest Disappointment: Some possibilities - James Franklin, Alex Wujciak (who would also win the most inflated stats award), Obi Egekeze

Best Incoming Freshman: Some possibilities - DeOnte Arnett, Caleb Porzel, DJ Adams, Travis Hawkins

Injury Which Hurt the Team Most: Some possibilities - Jordan Steffy (yeah, right), Kevin Barnes, LaQuan Williams

Voter's Choice: Some random person on the team you've always liked for no reason in particular