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Ready for some boredom?

Isn't that an exciting title?

Maryland's next game is ten days from now. Then, there's another five day break. That makes for some exciting stuff.

To make matters worse, soccer ends tomorrow, with the Terps in the National Championship game against North Carolina (ESPN2, so everyone with Comcast will be able to see it). Then, there's nothing, no basketball, no soccer, nothing.

Of course, there's some filler material coming up, but it's just not the same as reporting the facts as they happen, y'know? It's like eating leftover Chinese food after eating duck in Beijing for a month.

There was one exciting event today: a new Terps website was launched. Please give a warm welcome to [fixed link]! It was launched by former TSR reports Seth Hoffman and Jeff Ermann. As a former loyal member (though not premium) of TSR, I can assure you that Ermann does some quality work - check 'em out, they have a lot of high-quality stuff.

That was pretty much it in terms of exciting stuff (well, I did get my Christmas tree today, though I don't think you want to read about that).