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Steffy Bowl?


Jeff Barker over at the Sun has a nice little post on the "Tracking the Terps" blog about how Ralph Friedgen said Sr. quarterback Jordan Steffy might get some playing time in the Smurf Bowl in a few weeks. Remember back when Steffy got hurt, that Fridge said "I can tell you this, regardless of who plays this week or next week or whatever, Jordan will come in and win the game for us before the season's over. I promise you that."  If this was a more prominent bowl (i.e. any other ACC bowl), I might be a little upset that Fridge was doing this to seemingly keep a prediction that he made months ago. Actually, I take that back. I'd be happy to see Jordan in there, unless it costs us the game. But, what the heck? I like Jordan, he's a great kid and deserves to play in what would be his last game. Interesting to hear from Fridge that Steffy, despite still not being able to grip the football properly, is the #2 QB in front of Portis now. Sounds like Portis is back in Fridge's dog house.