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Random Terp News: Padgett, Gist

One of these by themselves isn't particularly post-worthy, but put them together, and I figured why not?

First off, prized 4* Terp recruit James Padgett will be on national TV tonight, as his Lincoln HS is taking on Duncanville on ESPN at 9:30. Make sure you catch it, or at least set your DVR/TiVo to record it. Padgett will be emulating Dave Neal, rocking the #35.

Next random tidbit: James Gist hasn't had too many posts on his YardBarker blog, unfortunately. He had one today, commemorating the passing of his grandmother, a sad occurence - our condolences go out to him. That said, I was shocked a little nugget lower in the post wasn't featured more prominently - he actually broke a backboard. I give to you:

Although we lost the game, I played extremely hard, I dunked the ball so hard in this one play that I broke the fiber glass, I guess I had to release all that energy and emotions some how. I had just flown 8 hours to DC, stayed on the ground for 31 hours and flew back just on time for the game.

Good to see Terps succeeding like that in the next level, even if it is in Spain, or Hungary, or the Netherlands, or whever he is. I would never need to score another point in my life if I broke the backboard. I'd be set.