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This Week's Top 5

After a two week hiatus, the top 5 is back. Got some time? Catch up on Terp articles from around the 'net.

1. Talking Boise With the Fridge >> Terrapins Insider

Regarding the Humanitarian Bowl, Friedgen said, “We’re excited to be going and we will do our best to get our eighth win. Losing our last two games, we’re lucky to be going to a bowl.”

There's that lovable Fridge, with that losing attitude again.

2. Maryland's Stance on EagleBank >> Tracking the Terps

Worthington said that Maryland officials actually checked into the possibility of changing the rule that states no exceptions can be made for final exams unless a team is playing in either an ACC championship game or an NCAA championship game, and were told there was no wiggle room.

"The rule is one of the longest-standing and hard and fast rules the university has," Worthington said.

Really? This is one of the longest standing rules the university has? Methinks the priorities may be a little messed up.

3. Season Recap: Pete DeSouza >> Recruiting Report

If all goes according to plan, McGregor thinks deSouza’s Maryland career could play out like another former DeMatha lineman.

“I think he’s going to be a whole lot like [UM senior center] Edwin Williams,” McGregor said. “Edwin’s had a great career at the University of Maryland. He was just named All-ACC. He always did what he was supposed to do, and I think Pete will be the same exact type of player.

Ah, that's good news. Now, let's hope Cody Blue doesn't end up like Scott Burley 2.0, too.

4. Philistin's Endorsement >> D1Scourse

As linebacker Dave Philistin sees it, it's a job Seamonson is well-suited for --- and has been for a while.

“He’s the perfect man for the job,” Philistin said. “He’s going to come out and show what he does in the bowl game. I really feel the respect he gets from the players and the other coaches [is significant]. It’s not my move, but if coachFriedgen asked what I thought of coach Seamonson as defensive coordinator, I would have said he should have been defensive coordinator quite a long time ago.”

I'm glad our coaching staff values the opinions of the players who won't be returning next year so much.

5. Football Luncheon Roundup >> The Diamondback

So while Friedgen spins plates, his players will be preparing for the Wolf Pack and, true to the holiday spirit, deciding what their bowl gift might be. Each bowl game is contractually obligated to provide gifts to players, and so far the locker room has been drooling over the potential of receiving an iPod Touch or Xbox360, and center Edwin Williams said he heard they were getting parkas, which might come in handy in Boise, Idaho.

I don't know about you, but I'd hate that. Ooh, an Xbox 360? An iPod Touch? "Nope: you get a parka. Hey, it's cold up here."