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Rolle will miss FSU-UMD game


ACC Fans are use to Florida State players being suspended or having to miss games for academic reasons but this time, it's for an academic accomplishment rather than cheating, missing a class, etc. In an interesting article by Stewart Mandel from, Mandel talks about FSU star safety and former #1 overall high school recruit Myron Rolle, who has been named a Rhodes Scholar finalist – a great accomplishment for a student athlete, especially one playing D1 football.

What does this have to do with the Terps? Rolle has an interview for the scholarship on Nov. 22nd in Alabama, which happens to be the day of the MD-FSU game in College Park.

 Not having Rolle on the field would be big for the Terps and could be the x-factor in giving the edge to the Terps, as I think this game could easily come down to a field goal in the 4th quarter.  

 There is talk that if ESPN/ABC and the ACC decide to make this a late game (8:00), that Rolle could fly back to MD after his interview and possibly join the team by halftime. But to do so, the NCAA would need to approve a waiver for Rolle to fly on a private plane, possibly one owned by an FSU booster, in order to try and make it by the 2nd half.  If that’s the case, by all means, I hope the NCAA grants that waiver, but knowing how the NCAA likes to screw over student athletes, they’ll probably deny it were that situation to arise. 

Either way, this is good news for the Terps and an actual feel good story about athletics coming out of FSU for once.