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New Feature: Top 5

So, here's a new feature on Testudo Times: the top 5 Terp-related articles/video around the internet this week. They will be humorous, or serious, an in-depth feature or a news piece. Whatever they are - you should read them. Check it out during your lunch break, waiting for the pizza to arrive, or watching Maryland trounce VT (hopefully?). There'll be a new 5 every Wednesday, and there'll also be a nice lil' widget on the left side of the page containing the top 5. Here's this week's top 5, in no particular order:

1. Travis Hawkins Discusses UMD Commitment >> Recruiting Report

2. Fridge Grades the Refs >> Tracking the Terps

3. Dinner at Fridge's/Politics >> Terrapins Insider

4. What happens on a bye week? >>

5. Jin Soo Kim Eligible >> Baltimore Sun