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Hoyas Dominate Terps

Maryland was dominated tonight by a very good Georgetown team as the Terps fell to the Hoyas by 27 points.  The 48 point output was Maryland's lowest since the '96-97 season. Georgetown executed the Princeton offense very well while also playing good defense. 

The biggest problem for the Terps seemed to be their lack of aggression and speed on offense. When running their half court offense, Georgetown players seemed to be a step ahead of the Terps. While the Terps were on defense, the Hoyas harassed Maryland by running cuts to the basket or by finding an open man, after several quick passes, in Maryland's zone defense.

Maryland struggled on offense, especially going inside out, as the end result was often turning the ball over. They also couldn't grab both offensive and defensive rebounds, giving Georgetown multiple looks on each possession and limiting their own offensive opportunities. The Terps just seemed nervous, lofting up airballs, missed layups, and throwing ill-advised passes.

The Hoyas controlled the clock, often taking 30+ seconds on each possession and then grabbing a rebound to repeat the process until they scored. Couple that with building a big first half lead, and the Terps needed to score on almost all of their possessions in the 2nd half if they wanted to get back into this game. 

The Hoyas clock control really works against a team like Maryland, as the Terps thrive on running up and down the court and feed off of turn overs and fast brakes. Georgetown's play, and the fact that the Terps shoot 3-18 from 3 point range and 18-57 overall spelled disaster for the Terps.

I don't want to take anything away from Georgetown, they played extremely well.  But Maryland had arguably their worst game in 15 years. The entire team looked nervous, timid, and scared the entire game. Hopefully Gary can get this game behind them so they can move on.

I'll try to have more later...