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Kim Declared Eligible

Finally, some good basketball news:

Freshman forward Jin Soo Kim was declared eligible for the 2008-09 season by the NCAA Clearinghouse this afternoon. Maryland released the news in a press release moments ago. Kim will begin practicing with the team on Wednesday.

The NCAA Clearinghouse had denied Kim his eligibility late last week, but the decision was not declared final. After receiving more documentation from Maryland regarding online correspondence courses Kim took during the fourth quarter of his final year at South Kent School in Connecticut, the NCAA Clearinghouse changed course.

Let me preface this: This isn't the biggest deal in the world, at least for this year. I highly doubt that he'll get a decent amount of playing time, if any at all. He'll likely redshirt.

That said, had he not qualified, he'd never be able to play for Maryland unless he went to a JUCO college. So...awesome!

Remember, this kid has incredible shooting skill. He's the "Asian Larry Bird". In two to three years, especially after his body matures more, he can be a killer in the ACC. I like his potential, because the shot is already there. His body just needs to grow into it.