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Terps Lose a Tough One to Boston College, 28-21

Very disappointing game from Maryland today. Sadly, it never seemed that they really were committed - there was no emotion in the first two and half quarters of play, almost certainly a carry-over from the FSU game.

Very few people or positions did their jobs today. The offensive line did not. The backfield did not. The defensive line did not. The tight ends did not. That pretty much leaves the quarterback, wide receivers, and a couple of defensive players.

I cannot blame Chris Turner. He was under pressure all game long - Peyton Manning would fail in those circumstances. Torrey Smith, Emani Lee-Odai, and Danny Oquendo all went above and beyond the call. A few players on defense - Wiseman had a decent game, Wujciak did well - were able to do what they needed.

Unfortunately, the ones who didn't do their job stood out more. Dan Gronkowski dropped a big pass on the last drive. Scott Burley not only got called for a few holding penalties, but couldn't block anyone. The defensive line was run through all game. Da'Rel Scott couldn't find a hole to save his life (not sure if this is really his fault). Jeff Allen got beaten on a double move that most high schoolers wouldn't bite on.

It seems the team had given up before they took the field in the first place.

Remember, though, if not for two blown calls by the refs (punt touching Taylor Watson...who wasn't even on the field; fumble on the following play) and a fake FG TD, Maryland ties the game on the Turner TD pass in the 4th. It was a close game, despite Maryland barely showing up.

I would like to single out the wide receivers - they did their job today. The team has lacked a true #2 WR next to Heyward-Bey all year, so when he didn't play, I was a little scared at what might come. But Oquendo showed why he's a senior leader, Smith showed why people should be comfortable with him as a starter next year, and Emani showed why he'll be perfectly capable starting next to Smith (yes, I'm assuming DHB leaves). I'll look at the bowl situation later in the day.