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How to Overcome the Size Problem

One major point that stood out in the Gonzaga game (and even the Michigan State game, to a lesser extent) was the lack of a legit big man for Maryland. Josh Heytveldt was able to manhandle anyone the Terps threw in there, and it created a ton of problems. There was a lack of scoring in the low post, terrible rebounding, and no low post defense. It was sad to watch, and created a big problem for Maryland.

So the question arises: how should Maryland overcome this size deficit?

There are few options here. The first, and most traditional (therefore, the one most likely to be selected by GW) is to try to find a legit big man. Sometimes, you'll end up hitting gold - Brax will develop into a legit big man (doubtful), Dino Gregory will put on some weight and grow another inch and a half (possible, but doubtful), Jerome Burney (impossible). The obvious problem is that there is a possibility that no player will fully develop into that legit big man. That brings us to option #2:

Play whoever you got. This attempts to minimize the damage of not having a legit big man. Unfortunately, it normally does a poor job at it, and has very little reward, as we have seen.

There is a slightly riskier option: embrace it. The best teams that end up without a big man adapt around it. Look at Villanova a few years ago: they ran 4 guard sets to perfection. Maybe GW will look back at that and try to adapt it. Not many teams can handle four guards, at least when you actually embrace it. Every now and again, GW will throw four guards out there, or three guards and Landon Milbourne, but it's not that often. Imagine a team with four of Vasquez, Hayes, Bowie, Milbourne, Tucker, and Mosely on the floor at all times. Impressive?

Unfortunately, that doesn't completely solve the problem - a center is still required. In this situation, one that can get out on the break would be preferred. That would be Jerome Burney. Burney may be a little undersized for a full-time 5, but so is everyone else on the team. I'd like to see what he could with more playing time. Another option is Dino Gregory, but I'd be more confident with Burney for some reason. Maybe it's because I haven't seen him play as much (not a dig to Dino, simply saying that Burney has higher risk/reward).

I actually kind of just cobbled this post together without a lot of thought; my head was racing a little bit, and I wanted to go to sleep. But I figured it was post-worthy regardless. Which would you rather see Maryland do - try to tough it out, or risk a 4 guard style of play?