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Still Hard to Talk About...

After sitting in the cold for multiple hours, freezing my butt off with a full Byrd Stadium crowd, I'm just now able to reflect back on this game.  With a trip to the ACC title game on the line, Maryland's complete let down against FSU is one that is going to haunt them, and many Terp fans, for a while.  It seems that a lot of fans, for better or worse, have been reluctant to come out to Byrd this year (a lot has to do with weather and the teams they were playing), but I think the team's up and down season has been the main factor in a portion of the upper deck being empty for most of the games this season.  Not knowing which team will show up, coupled with the current state of our economy, has probably made many decide that it's not worth spending their even more precious money on such an inconsistent product. 

What is frustrating is that the Terps were finally able to get a really good crowd to the game against FSU. What is sad is that the play of FSU and miscues by the Terps, basically took the blackout crowd out of the game by halftime. Byrd Stadium was mostly empty be the start of the 4th quarter. The huge let down this team had against the Seminoles could affect how many fans travel to the Terps' bowl game.  I think the Terps will either end up in the Car Bowl, Champs Sports, or maybe Capital One, but a lot depends on what happens on Saturday against BC. A Maryland loss to the Golden Eagles will be devastating for the quality of the bowl that Maryland goes to. 

But BC is ranked and it's not a night game, so Maryland will probably win.  But your guess is as good as ours here at Testudo Times...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.