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Terps Eke Out Win Over Vermont in Overtime

I'm left a little bit speechless right now. I mean, it wasn't exactly the best game Maryland's ever played. Hopefully, this gave the team enough of a scare. Maybe they'll play like they did in overtime for an entire game now.With that said, the Terps did win 89-74, so you can't complain all too much.

I will say this: Greivis Vasquez, for and undeserved criticism I have ever given you: I apologize from the bottom of my heart. You carried the team through the final minutes, and that final shot blew my mind. Adrian Bowie, you deserve to be a starter. You played out of your mind and made some crazy plays on rebounding and defense. Dave Neal, you made some shots today, I give you that. However, if you ever take those shots in that situation again, I hope Gary benches you. Props to hitting them, but dear god don't do it again. Braxton Dupree, I know you have good technique in the low post and all, but man, I think this might be your last game starting. Not the best game for you, and I'm sure you know that. So go to the gym and work hard. By the way - you're a center, not a guard. Get on the block, don't stand out on the perimeter. Gary Williams: I know the final five were getting it done in OT - they deserved to play then. But this team has a massive amount of depth - use it! Please! When you keep the same guys in there for long periods of time, especially at the end of the game, you make your only big strength into a weakness.

Well, that game was very scary. But in the end, it worked. Congrats on #400, Gary.