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Florida State Calls It a "Sod Game"

Some motivation for the players, maybe?

Florida State has designated Saturday night's Maryland game as a "sod game." That means the Seminoles -- if they win -- will bring a sample of Byrd Stadium turf back to Tallahassee.

Only certain away games get selected for this by the 'Noles.

The Florida State Web site explains:
"Sod games still represent road games won when FSU is a significant underdog. However, all bowl games are now considered sod games as well as landmark road wins no matter who was favored. Each piece of sod is buried in the cemetery next to the practice field and a tombstone is placed above it with the score and date of the game."

I don't know about you guys, but I certainly don't want the team to end up as a tombstone in Tallahassee. Maybe this can get some fans up, as well.

It's a risky proposition for the Noles - either it motivates their players enough to pull it out, or it gives our guys some bulletin-board material. Maybe a decision like this should be reserved until after the game.

Getting closer to kickoff every second.