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Double Prediction Thread

Hey, it worked last week.

Anyway, some basic thoughts about the two games before the poll: this has been the longest week in the history of man. There's just something about a blackout at night with the possibility of an ACC championship that makes the week crawl by. But it's the day after tomorrow! Make it through one more day, everybody.

This team is perfectly capable of losing this game - just see the VT game if you need evidence. I am hoping that there's no repeat of that Saturday, and I don't think there will be. The looks on the players' faces after the game was priceless - Maryland's ready to go. This week of practice was probably the best one all season, simply in terms of the players' attitudes. As long as they stay focused, I'm putting my money on Maryland. Not to mention it's at home, which seems to be extremely important to them.

As for basketball, Vermont is the first good mid-major the Terps face this year, and I'm a little frightened as to how we'll handle them. Maryland's showings haven't been as bad as, say, Duke's in some games, but man - those first ten minutes are brutal. Hopefully they can get past them against Vermont and get an easy win, controlling from the start. I think they'll run into some of the same troubles, though - until a team makes them pay, I don't see them changing. Just the cynic in me, I guess.

I'm going to say Terps win 'em both. What say you guys?