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BCS Terps

This isn't too surprising considering the Terps climb in the polls this week, but Maryland has made their first BCS appearance of the season (and first appearance in a while from what I can recall).  Maryland checks in at #23.  Florida State is #22, Georgia Tech is #20, and North Carolina is #19.  

Maryland controls their own destiny and if they win out, they punch a ticket to Tampa and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  It is a little frustrating that the loss to Middle Tennessee State and UVA are the difference between MD being a top 10 BCS team and just a top 25 team.  But all things considered, I'm happy with where this team is right now and where they could possibly end up. 

All and all, moving up in both polls, gaining sole possession of 1st place in the Atlantic Division and making a BCS appearance is a pretty good week at the office for a team that was on bye.  Now we just need to take care of business on Thursday...