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This Wek's Top 5

Here's 5 more things to read this week, just in time for a 1:00 lunch break.

1. Eric Franklin Season Recap >> Recruiting Report

"The day of the game, we had gotten word that Coach [Schwartz] wasn’t going to be there, as she was passing," Murphy said. "I had talked to Eric probably at about one o’clock; just a few hours before kickoff. He got together with one of our defensive assistants and kind of went through a game plan, just making adjustments and [deciding] how they would handle things. He made a lot of the calls on the field, with coverages and getting our defense in certain formations." Chris Cosh's job in trouble? Please?

2. In Friedgen You Should Trust >> The Life of Kings

College football coaches have become increasingly guarded about the media in the last 10 years, with so many of them under the (mistaken) impression that what they're doing deserves a level of secrecy on par with the military or the NSA, but Friedgen is one of the rare coaches who, in the right situation, is willing to open up and bare his soul a little bit. I rode shotgun as he piloted his Cadillac Escalade north to a football banquet in Pennsylvania, peppering him with questions as we wove our way through freeway traffic, away from Baltimore and into Maryland farm country. Our conversation continued that night after his banquet was over, just the two of us sitting in a hotel bar drinking scotch and talking about fathers and sons.

Good read and defense of Fridge. We also learn that Fridge is "grump and ornery".

3. Take Charge >> Terrapin Insider

"I think the one thing we have to do this year is take more charges than we did last year," Williams said. "Of course, that won’t be hard cause I think we took four last year or something, I don’t know. But, you know, we’re in the process of becoming a defensive team that can take charges."

Gary strikes out with the hyperbole. On a more serious note, it seems that his urging worked - after all, the Terps must've taken 27 charges against Youngstown St. alone.

4. Not Mellow, But Fridge Chilling Out >> Baltimore Sun

It's not that Friedgen is mellowing. It's that he's trying - sometimes against his old-school instincts - to be less heavy-handed and to grant his veteran players more responsibility so they feel like it's their team.

"Sometimes, I battle myself and my immediate reactions," Friedgen said. "I've kind of learned to take a step back and evaluate the whole situation and kind of rely on the type of experience we have on our team. Sometimes, I see kids on the team and they get over [losses] faster than coaches."

Good to see Fridge taking a bit more of a hands-off approach. I have no joke.

5. Chris Tuner: Ranked vs. Unranked >> D1scourse

He still hasn't tossed an interception against a ranked team in his career, which remains pretty amazing.

The Terps also haven't lost to a ranked opponent when he plays.

Way to come up big against BC, FSU.