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Some Random Football Related Notes

File this under things I didn't really know existed: Edwin Williams earned ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week. (I knew about Edwin, not the OLOTW). I give him major props, he earned it. Edwin is one of the most overlooked centers in the ACC - maybe even the ACC. He's a team leader and a great blocker to boot.

Everybody probably knows by now that Myron Rolle, FSU's All-American safety, will miss the start of the game because he's interviewing for the Rhodes scholarship. FSU's other safety, senior Darius McClure, is also hurt:

After senior S Darius McClure came up with his first career interception early in the fourth quarter, he and LB Toddrick Verdell celebrated with a chest bump.

But McClure landed awkwardly and injured his left knee, perhaps tearing his ACL. A MRI exam is planned for today, but the worst diagnosis is feared by his teammates.

If McClure is out as it seems, FSU will be without its starting safeties, at least for the kickoff, on Saturday. Junior Myron Rolle will be in Birmingham, Ala., that day competing for a Rhodes Scholarship and will then jet to College Park, Md., for some of the game.

Terrible way to get hurt. However, it appears that the middle of the field may be open early - if Da'Rel or Davin can get to the second level, the secondary will be weak. I also expect lots of post routes to DHB.

Another note from the same article: it appears the five (yes, five) FSU wideouts who were suspended for getting into a brawl (one that Bobby Bowden called "unavoidable" - yeah, right) will be back against Maryland. There may be a sliver of hope, though:

Although Reed and Surrency have been suspended for other reasons this season (Reed twice), Bowden said if it's up to him, he'll have the players back as the Seminoles prepare for Saturday's game at No. 22 Maryland.

"To me it makes a lot of difference of who attacked who," he said. "I hope they're back. I guess it's all according to how they come out in that (police) report."

Police are expected to be done sifting through more than two dozen conflicting statements and make arrests if appropriate. (A female bystander was struck by a chair and whoever threw it could face a felony charge, not just a misdemeanor for fighting.) Bowden, who has in the past been criticized for not acting swiftly or harshly enough to off-the-field problems, said his players should understand the repercussions of such an incident.

There's a chance that a few of the players may be arrested, but it's slightly infuriating that Bowden refuses to keep players suspended for more than a week. Generally, the third time a player does something wrong, it's time to suspend him for more than a week.

Lastly, a quick weather update for Saturday: according to the Weather Channel, it's looking like it'll be partly cloudy with lows around 30. Not bad. I'd actually prefer more cold, wind, and generally crappy weather for this game - bring on the snow. It's time for some real football.