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Terps Ranked #22

Kiss the season goodbye, I suppose.

Maryland is ranked 22 in the AP Poll, 25 in the BCS, and 23 in the USA Today Poll. Remember the other timed Maryland was ranked and played the following game at night on a major network? Not very good. (OTOH, the last time Maryland played FSU in a night game wasn't so bad.

Another bad sign? FSU isn't ranked. Oi.

Here's my idea: stop thinking about it. It makes no sense - why would the team suddenly turn it off? The press and fans are simply making it worse. The team is playing for the ACC championship; whether the team is ranked or not is immaterial. I say we just go out and win. Forget all this stuff, forget all the talk of scenarios and bowl games; none of that matter unless Maryland wins. Go do it, Terps!