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This Week's Top 5

The top 5 things you must read this week have arrived. Give that club sandwich some company at lunch time.

1. Meet Jordan Williams >> Recruiting Report

"I was with Sean Mosley and Landon Milbourne," Williams said. "[No. 2] Maryland played [No. 1] Wake Forest in a soccer game and the whole fan base was just crazy. I couldn't believe it. It was awesome; the support [Maryland had at the] soccer game. It was pouring rain outside and the place was packed, so I can only imagine what it's like indoors [for basketball games]."

Trust me, Jordan, you'd be surprised.

2. Meet James Padgett >> Recruiting Report (You're welcome, Matt.)

Favorite NBA player: LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Chris Paul
Favorite music: Ne-Yo, 2Pac, Chris Brown
Favorite movie: Repos starring Master P
Favorite TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Favorite food: Fried chicken

Is it just me, or is James a tad bit stereotypical? Oh, and he said his role model was himself. This should be a fun few years.

3. Gus Gilchrest >> Tracking the Terps

Not that Gary Williams wants to hear anything about Gus Gilchrist, but the much-traveled 6-10 forward who landed at South Florida last summer after stopping at Maryland for a few months (and not playing) and previously committing to Virginia Tech will be eligible to play for the Bulls in mid-December.

It means that Gilchrist essentially won his appeal with the NCAA, becoming the first player in a number of years to do so after transferring for competitive reasons. Gilchrist played the hardship card, though I can't see going to school in Tampa as being much of a hardship.

Tough not to wonder how good this team would be if someone put up a fight for Gus against the ACC.

4. Vegas Likes VCU > Maryland >> DC Sports Bog

The site has Georgetown at 30-1 to win the national championship (tied for 15th best in the nation), Virginia Tech and VCU at 100-1, Maryland at 200-1 and Virginia and George Mason at 250-1. Might not compare to the spite shown Maryland in national papers, but still, Terps starting out below VCU? Eek.

All hail Eric Maynor! Seriously, if VCU didn't beat an overrated Duke team that one year, this wouldn't be a problem right now.

5. Time Keeps Ticking Away >> Terrapins Insider

What do Southern Methodist, Oregon and San Diego State have in common? They are the only teams in the country that rank worse than Maryland nationally in time of possession.

Well, that's an encouraging stat.