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Night Game Against FSU

Ugh, not good considering how we've faired in night games this season, especially those on ESPN. The ACC announced today that the Maryland-FSU game in College Park on Nov. 22nd will be played at 7:45 P.M. and broadcasted nationally on ESPN. I'm not sure if College Game Day will be making an appearance or not, but they definitely won't be in College Park for the UNC-Maryland game this Saturday.  Apparently that honor belongs to the  Hampton vs. Florida A&M game in Tallahassee, Florida. Apparently the big attraction to this game isn't the football so much as the Bands that will be playing for each school. Just picture the movie Drumline but with less side-plots. 

I'd think the only way College Game day would come to College Park this year is if the Terps beat UNC on Saturday and FSU also wins.  That would mean that the game against FSU and Maryland would basically decide who punches their ticket to Tampa for the ACC title game.