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How Does this Keep happening?

Every time us Terp fans think the football team is about to break out of that decent but not great mold, something like this happens. There is no reason Maryland shouldn't be 6-0 right now. We've got the talent. We've got an experienced, senior led team. We've got a good quarterback, fantastic running back(s) and a awesome wide receiver. Most coaches would dream of having that, especially if you threw in a deep, senior led offensive line. So what gives? We've shown what we can do as a team - put points on the board and shut down good teams like Clemson and Cal. But then we show that we can also seemingly not care against teams like UVA and Middle Tennessee State. So why is this team so Jackle and Hyde? And why is this a reapeating pattern over the last 5+ years?

There is only one constant - his name is Ralph Friedgen. Just to set the record straight, I'm not calling for Ralph's firing. Need to say the up front.

I think the Fridge does everything he can to prepare his players for every game. In practice before the UVA game, Fridge even said that the team had a great week of practice...yet, if they had such a good week, why did Ralph say he had butterflies in his stomach leading up to the game?

Here's my theory - Ralph is one of the best at motivating his team using the "Us vs. the World" mentality. Pre-season, he'll say "No one respects us" and gets his team fired up. But once Maryland starts making noise, Ralph seems to lose his confidence and that seems to carry over to his players. There is no reason anyone, especially the head coach, should have thought MD would lost against UVA. What was Ralph's attitude before the game in the lockerroom? Was it "kill these guys" or was it "we could lose." I wasn't there, so I don't know. But it seems like it games like this, where seemingly Maryland is heavily favored to win, the Terps come out and play down to their opponents. Maybe the team senses what Ralph does and loses their confidence. Maybe the team is quitly of "looking ahead."

Something is wrong when you've beaten your last 4 ranked opponents, including two Top 10 teams, yet you're 0-2 in games against teams that you easily should beat.

Something has to be done - whether it's an adjustment by Ralph or an addition to the coaching staff. If this keeps happening, there is no way Marlyland will build this program into a annual top 25 power.

Additionally, does anyone else think it might be time for Cosh to go, or make serious adjustments, as Defensive coordinator? It just seems like our defense is missing tackles, not pressuring the quarterback, and when we build big leads, nothin is safe becase our D just dropps back into a prevent D, dispite the fact that earlier defensive schemes in that same gameworked wonders.