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Disaster Brewing

I hate Comcast for not carrying ESPN U.


Maryland has decided to revert back to Maryland circa Middle Tennessee State, except 10x's worse.  There is 11:44 left on the clock right now and Maryland is down 31-0. That is what I expected the Terps to do against UVA but just has this feeling this would be a classic Maryland letdown game.

Maryland just caught their first break of the game - a missed field goal by UVA. Now they just need 4 TDs, 4 2 point conversions and a field goal to tie...and do so in the next 10 mins. 

Right now, Turner is 11/23 for 163 yards.  Why not put Portis in at QB and see if he can actually throw down field?

Turner must have heard me talking, as he just rushed for 14 yards for a 1st down. 

Drive stalls.  Game officially over.  Heyward-Bey still hasn't touched the ball.

We're going to get shut out by the doormat of the ACC. Bye bye any chance of the top 25.  Bye bye ACC title. I hate UVA so much.