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Rumor: College Gameday MAY Be Making Appearance in College Park

How awesome would this be?!

Scott Van Pelt, the proudly Maryland-biased ESPN anchor, is well-known to post on UMD message boards on the innanets. (In fact, he once got in trouble with ESPN for it, but that's entirely beside the point). So what did he have to say a few days ago?

a slim chance exists that Gameday could make a maiden voyage in College Park.

By slim, I mean SLIM at the moment...but the slate on the 15th is pretty brutal as of now.

If UNC beats GT after a bye and Marlyand wins at VT it would be a matchup of ranked teams at least with potentially a bit of conference intrigue.

If nothing's on the radar to be considered. for what that's worth.

Nice! Doubt it will happen, but I figured it should be brought to your attention.

If by some miracle this happened, what would your reaction be? I'm pretty excited for it. Where would it be, though? Usually they like it to be on-campus...according to SVP, the Mall would be the front-runner.